Basement ejector and Venting

lookin4helpDecember 24, 2009

I have a 4 year old home in central Pennsylvania. The basement was built with roughed in plumbing for a bathroom. I have a pit with separate 2" pipes available, one for the vent and another for the ejector connection. I have a 2" pipe coming out of the floor for the sink drain, a hole for the toilet, and a 3" pipe with a reducer to 2" in an opening the concrete floor for the tub/shower.

I know that the toilet will wet vent to the pit.

My questions are with venting the sink and tub. Being that my builder only provided one vent from the basement, I am hoping that the distances from rough in to pit are short enough to allow a wet vent. Otherwise, as I have read, I cannot tie into the pit's vent stack and I am not sure what i'll do.

Sink rough in to pit distance is 8 feet and the sink piping connects to the 'toilet to pit' 4" pipe.

Shower/tub rough in runs 3 feet, and then connects to the 'sink to pit' 4" line about 2 feet from the pit.

Are these distances short enough to allow a wet vent?

Furthermore, if this rough in was inspected and the builder only provided one vent stack (for the pit), can I assume that the wet vent would have been acceptable to that inspector when it was built?

I have a diagram, but not sure i can add it to this posting. If I figure it out, I will add it.


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Your home was built under the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code and the rough plumbing plans designes approved and inspected under the PA Code enofrced at that time...Likley the plumbing provisions of the 2003 International Residential Code..

This means what you have has been already inspected, approved and allowed based on Code in effect at that time.

Provided that the sewage ejector will not be a "pneumatic" type (which requires it's own independent vent through the roof with no other vents attached), the single 2" vent from the ejector will be adequate to vent the entire bathroom group as designed.

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Thank you for your response. Still not clear on the venting questions, though.

When you say that the 2" can vent the entire bathroom, does that mean that I can wet vent the tub and the sink to the pit and the 2" pit vent will suffice? If not, then I understand from your response that I can run separate vents from the tub and sink and then tie them to the pit vent stack as long at the sewage ejector is not pneumatic.

I guess my questions really come down to these two. Based on the sizing of the existing pipes:

Can I wet vent the tub?
Can I wet vent the sink?

I know this was inspected and approved when built, but I don't understand which design it was approved for. (wet venting, or venting as a 'tie into the pit' vent).

Thank you!

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