Why is water draining out of air gap when using dishwasher?

bookertDecember 15, 2006

We have installed new hoses and air gap venting (mounted on rt. of sink) and ck'd garbage disposal plug etc.. trying to eliminate water draining from the vent. I have to place a few towels around the vent to soak up the water that drains out during the dishwashing cycle.

Any suggestions?

There is no back-up in the sink and our home is about 4 yrs. old. No smells from the sink, just lots of water coming out the vent!


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I assume you have checked to see that the air gap is plumbed the right way? It's hard to get it reversed but I've seen it done through creative plumbing.

Try pulling the hose off the disposal and running a drain cycle into a 5 gal bucket. If it still spills out of the air gap, you'll have to try a different brand of air gap. If it doesn't, the disposal is draining slow. My first move though, would be to be to shine a light in the disposal port to verify the knockout was completely removed.

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We didn't have this problem when the house was new, so we assume the gap is plumbed correctly.

Will try running a cycle as you suggested, good idea!
We did, however, replace the air gap with an identical one.
Will also triple ck. the port again. We stuck a thick screwdriver thru the hole before.

Any chance it has to do with a faulty disposal? I never put much down it, since a plumber once told me they weren't meant to grind food and they were pretty much useless. Do I agree? Who am I to discredit a plumber?

We have a septic tank 2 yrs. now, any chance it's the culprit? We have no other drain problems btw.


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I've never had to deal with septic so I'm not qualified to comment, other than to say showers, washing machines, and toilets put more flow into a septic system than a dw so I wouldn't suspect it's the culprit.

There's just a couple other things you can try in order to narrow your search. Unscrew the cap from the airgap and put a small glass over it (a champagne flute works well) and run a drain cycle. The water should drain out as fast as it comes in and not build pressure in the glass. The other thing to try is fill the sink and then pull the stopper with the disposal running. The water should drain quickly, five gallons (assuming your sink holds that much) in about 17 seconds would indicate the disposal is draining properly.

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