help! installing toto vespin ii

stayn2busyDecember 14, 2010

I purchased the Vespin II for my MB toilet (new construction on a slab w/ radiant heat, porcelein tile. The rough in is 11 1/2 inches. My husband (with a friend who is a commercial plumber, but knowledgeable) comes home last night and tells me it can't be mounted!!!! I'm distraught to say the least!! I did see where you can order a 10" rough in... would this solve the problem?? Thanks for any expert advice which I desperately need!

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I'm sorry your only response was from a just-registered self-promoting spammer.

First question- so the existing distance from the wall to the centerline of the closet flange is 11-1/2"? Hope I'm reading that right.

The link below is the Vespin install instructions. It has their Uni Fit setup. I haven't installed one, but I have a general idea how it works. I think Ask This Old House may have shown putting one in a while back (maybe available online).

The good part about the Uni Fit is you trade out a pipe section to adjust the rough in distance. The bad part(s) are that you 1) have to buy/order the different part and 2) have to drill in anchors into the floor for it.

The 12" rough in is designed to put the toilet about 3/4" off the wall (see the section in the manual). With a 11-1/2" rough in, your toilet will only be ~1/4" off the wall. Snug, but I like it that way.

Good luck. Hope that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toto Vespin II install instructions

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