Salt Chlorination System

kalyn288March 29, 2011

I wish I would have found this forum before we had our pool built. We chose the salt chlorination system and someone told me today that the salt water will erode the surrounding concrete. We mix the salt in a bucket and poor into the pool.

Has anyone heard of this happening?



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That is FUD, Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. There are some softer, more porous coping materials that might have issues if they aren't sealed but concrete is not one of them. Improperly bonded pools may have some corrosion issues but there are remedial and corrective facilities available that will counter that effect.

There are hundreds of thousands of cells installed. The modern, basic cell design has been around for many years. They are most popular here and in Australia but are found all over the world. The science behind them is sound and proven.

Improper and irregular testing of your pool's chemistry balance is. by far and away, more damaging to your pool's surfaces and immediate area as well as raising the potential for an unsanitary swimming environment.

Was the person telling you this trying to sell you something?


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There are many pool builders in my area that used to install salt systems and have stopped on all new builds because of problems. The pool builder doing my pool does not recommend salt anymore and only installs it at customer request and has a separate warning for the customer to sign about the possible damage it will cause.

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Had salt system on last pool(4 yrs. old), and having salt system put on new pool! Had absolutley zero problems with
errosion on our concrete, or anything else!

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Thank you all for responding. Scott-the comment came from someone I work with who is interested in getting a pool and was asking me questions about mine so I'm not sure where he got his info. We did have our coping sealed -(we have stamped concrete.
Texasdad - I would be interested to know what the pool builder sees which discourages him from offering it.

Thanks luvh20 - I'm glad you know you're happy with it. I have been (so far) very happy with ours. The cost to keep the pool clean is much less than when we had an above ground chlorinated pool

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I am currently building a pool in central Texas and none of he builders are talked to would build a salt pool. Which is disappointing because that's what I wanted. I may add it at a later date.

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