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sharon2975March 8, 2011

Some of you may remember me from my pool build last year. We built in Atlanta and had a NIGHTMARE of a build. Since then we have been dealing with all of the mistakes our builder made. Please be sure to get a good builder before you sign a contract.

Our latest challenge is that our 1 year old Jandy legacy heater has not been working. We had a tech out today and the burners have melted and the walls of the heater are cracked. The gas pressure is fine as it had been checked a few weeks ago and there are no obstructions to the air flow of the heater. Does anyone have an idea of what could cause this? We have a Jandy 3 year pro warranty and hope that Jandy will stand behind this. In case they do not we would like to know what company makes the best gas heaters? Our heater is 250 BTUs and our pool is 15,000 gal and we have an electric cover. We hope to resolve this so that we can just enjoy our pool. Thanks in advance for any advise.

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I like the Rheem/Ray Pak (same heater, different distribution channels) as a replacement, such as in your situation.

That's a very serious failure you experienced and very unusual to boot.

The symptoms you describe sure sound like the gas flow may not have been adequate. Gas flow needs to be tested with the system in a static/off and dynamic/on state. I'd want to know how the tech determined these the dynamic on flow.

Things I'd look for would be the meter's size, the length of the run, the supply pipe size, and the length of 3/4" pipe connecting the heater's regulator to to the supply pipe.

I suppose it's possible a spider's or moth's nest hatched and baby spiders or caterpillars made webs that clogged things up for some burners. Another possible cause would be a gas regulator failure. It's rare but it happens. It's also possible a safety circuit device shorted, a rodent got in and did some damage...

There really isn't any way for us to determine it without seeing the unit and going CSI on it.


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Scott I have seen a few of these Legacy heaters at my distributor that experienced the same problem. Low gas pressure/flow can do a lot of things, but shouldn't melt the burner tray on a new heater.

How long have we seen older heaters with low gas pressure not suffer the same fate?

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