Pex vs. Copper / Water pressure/distance

oldbat2beDecember 9, 2011

Didn't want to hijack nikkirxd's thread but was curious about Davidro1's comment:

"They become bigger differences if you have a problem with low water pressure or long distances, but an experienced plumber knows how to design your system to take care of this."

We're on well water in MA. We moved the kitchen from one side of the house to the front and just connected our first sink/faucet. New plumbing with pex feeds to this area. Maybe a 30' run from the water heater to this sink? I am horrified by how long it takes to deliver hot water and dismayed at the low flow. Faucet is a kohler karbon, so admittedly, a restricted flow.

We have lots of copper in the basement and DH is able to do the plumbing work himself (though not licensed).

Most important is learning what can we do to deliver hot water more quickly. If we can increase the pressure as well, that would be very nice. Thanks in advance!

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"Most important is learning what can we do to deliver hot water more quickly."

Install a circulating loop.

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Thanks brickeyee. This concept is new to me; need to research and gather facts. I'll be back with more questions, I am sure, once I start putting a plan together.

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Well water = you have a pump. ( Y / N ? )

"New plumbing with pex..." What size? ( 1/2" or 3/4" ) These are nominal diameter sizes. Copper and pex are different sizes in reality.

Before putting a plan together, get all the facts out into the open.

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