enclosing porch screens a little?

sunshinetmMarch 12, 2011

DH wants to add the Eze-Breeze sliding panels to our front screened in porch. We live in Michigan so it would make the space usable a lot more of the year. Has anyone used this or anything similar? If so what are the pro's & con's? I have a small sample of what it would look like but contractor said the large version would look a lot nicer. I am having a hard time envisioning it looking nice with all of the different sections but he said it does look good. The porch isn't real big but I don't want to invest in regular windows & think this might be a lot cheaper way to go. Opinions welcome, Terri

Here is a link that might be useful: Eze-Breeze website

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We have had these windows for about 5 years. Ours are the ones that slide up and down-like regular windows. I got the dark vinyl as our porch faces west. I can raise all to windows to the top, bottom or inbetween. We use our porch from mid March til mid November. We are in east Tennessee. It rarely gets to freezing on the porch-but plants won't winter over there either. We have one pane that the vinyl needs to be replaced as the dog hit it with him paw. It is only a small tear-so not in a hurry. The windows are a special order and ours took about 2-3 weeks to come in. Would I do it over--in a heartbeat! We have an attached deck--and rarely use it-bugs, heat and sun! Our dealer told us that the greatest majority of their porches are sold in Chicago! Good luck--and enjoy!

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Sounds like you are really enjoying your deck more now. Ours is already screened in but no windows & since we live in MI, that cuts out a lot of useful time out there. Our deck faces east so we really don't need the tint. The sample we have is tinted pretty dark, can you get it clear if you want? If they like it in Chicago, we should like it here. Thanks, Terri

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You can get the "windows" in several different tints. They are vinyl and my son loves to "demo" how they will withstand his fist! The idea is that they are hurricane resistant, and they are made in Florida. I'd contact the company and see if there is a dealer near you.

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I know the contractor that we use brought us a sample window & he installs these systems. The sample he brought was a very dark tint. He did show us how you can stick your hand in them ect... I won't show our Grandsons that part if we do decide to get them. LOL

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Go to the Eze-Breeze website and look at the brochure and it shows 3 colors for the vinyl--clear, bronze and gray.

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