Penninsula "walkway" too tight? it's 38 inches.

rebeccamomof123March 5, 2013

My GC thinks I cut it too close not leaving enough open space in the walkway between my peninsula and my side wall. Attached is the bird's eye view where you can see the walk through-opening. I have two 30 inch drawers going in the peninsula with a 12-inch "end cap" cabinet with three shallow shelves that is angled to avoid a 90 degree angle in a walkway. I could lose that last cabinet to buy more open space, and just do a rounded overhand with the granite after the drawers. My peninsula is currently 87 inches. If I lose 12 inches from it, that puts me at 75 inches. IS that too tight for 3 to sit comfortably at?

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I don't think it would be too tight, but I'm not sure I would do a peninsula that would be cutting off the room like that and blocking those wall units. Have you considered doing a banquet?

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What is a banquet? I went to 3 different designers and this what what they all pretty much came up with. My measurements were too narrow for an island with seating. (11.5 feet wide) And i really wanted some seating in the kitchen area since my dining area is separate. That back wall behind the peninsula has a built in window seat/bench so I think it will be more where the "guests hang-out" when I entertain while the inside of the peninsula will be the work area. Glad to hear you don't think it will too tight. Maybe I should open it up more though, to avoid the "cutting off" separation you mention.

Anyhow, my layout is locked in and cabinets are ordered so I appreciate your feedback but on that part, it's too late. I did post my layout here a few months ago, and got lots of mixed reviews but my options were limited based lots of doorways and narrow space.

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Gotcha - no I don't think that will be too narrow at all and 75' is plenty of room for 3 stools. I used the word banquet but I meant banquette. I was thinking you could have seating attached to the wall like a bench so you wouldn't even need any aisle space to walk behind. But since you're already locked in, don't listen to me. I certainly know less than any KD!

Here is a link that might be useful: I was thinking something like this.

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HI Amanda, thanks for the clarification. I think compared to the banquette, I'm glad I have what I have. The idea of seating that faces the wall is not that appealing but it's probably the only option for some layouts. Great feedback - I really appreciate it!

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I would leave the opening at 38". My opening is only 32" and the end of the peninsula is opposite a cabinet with drawers and doors. Neither of which you have. That is the main run of counter space and you will use that counter more than an extra 12" of empty space. At 87" you could even squeeze in an extra stool if need be.

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I think this is fine for one adult walking through, but I read your other thread to see what other advice you were given, and you have three young children who use the kitchen. I think you'll have a bottleneck there, but with the sink so far from the stove, maybe it will act as a buffer to keep them from rushing in right as you're carrying a pot of boiling water to the sink to drain.

I don't think you'll know till you try it. Can you can leave off the end cabinet and see how it feels for a few days before they template for the countertop?

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I have a similar peninsula in front of an open doorway and the distance from door frame to countertop edge is 41", there is a 5" overhang (preexisting), so 46" to the cabinet. I wouldn't want it any narrower. Does your 38" account for counter overhang? If not can you steal 3-6" back to get at least 40" counter to doorframe distance? I thnk 42" would be even more comfortable.

75" is just enough to seat 3 at a counter.

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Okay, I just rechecked my measurements and it's 42 inches so I think I'm in luck. Will double check with my GC in the morning just to be sure. I may have dodged a bullet. Thanks everyone!

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Looking at your diagram, it seems that the tighter space is between your peninsula and the clipped cabinet beside the doorway across from the peninsula. You'd want to check that- again, that should probably be at least 40" + counter to counter.

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