well casing: PVC versus galvanized steel?

texas_fireDecember 5, 2007


I am looking at my water well estimates.

I am in central Texas.

They say they will install as well casing:

4.5" (5"OD) PVC at $3.50 per foot.

620 feet = $2187.5

I googled well casing materials.

"The most common materials for well casing are carbon steel, plastic (most commonly, but not exclusively, PVC), and stainless steel. Different geologic formations dictate what type of casing can be used. For example, parts of the country where hard rock lies underground are known strictly as "steel states."

Residents in some areas have a choice between steel and PVC, both of which have advantages. PVC is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and relatively easy for contractors to install. However, it is not as strong and not as resistant to heat as steel. Steel, though, is susceptible to corrosion, can have scale build-up, and can cost more than PVC."

Any real life stories on well casing PVC versus steel?

$3.50 per foot sound reasonable?


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Check with your county health department. They should have a brochure that outlines the methods and types of pipe permitted for well casing within your jurisdiction.

In some regions where they have rock we are only required to install casing to a depth of 25' or 50' whereas in areas where the subsoil is principally a sandy material they may require the entire depth of the well to be cased.

In general the plastic pipes will have a safe working temperature rating of at least 73degF or more whereas once you get below the soil that is immediately effected by solar radiation the soil temps generally remain in the area of 50 to 55degF until you get to depths of 1000' or more. Of course there are exceptions, such as when drilling in a volcanically active region where you may hit subterranean geyser pools.

$3.75/ft is about average for 5" PVC sched 40. and you could expect to pay 2 to 3 times that amount for sched 40 iron pipe.

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