TWP or OneTimeWood

tarstlMarch 29, 2013

I see both of these have been discussed here. I see both have their fans and doubters.

I'd like an update from anyone that has one or the other applied to their fence or deck. Thank you in advanced!!!

If you have had one or the other applied for more and 2-3 years, and / or more than 6 years, how does it look at these points in time?

We installed a new California Redwood (heart cut) fence in December. The fence installer advised us to let it cure in place for 90 days. And so now we are ready to seal/preserve it and are looking at both of these products. Again, thank you for letting us know how TWP and OneTimeWood stand the test of time in your experiences!

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I've had One TIME on my fir porch floor for five years now. It has held up well though the color has faded a little where it gets a lot of traffic and weather. Other than that boards don't show any deterioration. I've been happy with the results.

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In the fall of 2009 I stained our new garapa deck with TWP (2 coats) and cedar pergola with One Time.

The TWP deck needed a few boards redone the next year, though in retrospect I should have added a coat to the whole thing, as after 2 years the rest of the boards needed a redo. We ended up sanding the whole thing down last fall and putting 2 coats on the whole thing. We'll do a 3rd coat once it warms up and plan on an additional coat every year from here on out. If you stay on top of it, all you need to do is clean each year before topping off. If it gets to the point where gray is showing through, you have to strip it down and start over.

The pergola with One Time was ok the 1st 2 years, started to show wear last summer, and has significant gray now (we'll need to redo this spring). It faces west, get directs sun, and bears the brunt of storms, which come from the west. The parts most exposed to weather look the worst.

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