Urine smells from the bathroom vent!!!

vchon90December 22, 2012

I recently moved to this apartment 2bed 2bath.
One of the vent in the bathroom makes this strong urine smells.
Me and my husband sniff all around the bathroom and we found out that the smell was from a vent. What makes me confuse is that it comes and goes. Sometimes it smells really bad i almost feel like throw up. Sometimes i could smell that much. I called our management and they said they are going to send contractor to video inspect. Very early in the morning the contractor guy came while i was in the bed and finished the inspect then found nothing wrong. Which was weird for me because i do not mind that he came in since i gave them a permission, weird thing is it was so quiet. There was not a sound of disabling the part of vent nothing. For the result they could not fix anything telling me that there is nothing wrong. Keep saying that i just have a sensitive nose. I opened the vent by myself and checked the fan in the vent it was full of dust i wiped it up with a tissue then i sniffed it and guess what it was urine odor. Dust smells like urine? Is that possible? Our management said that they cant do anything they said if i want to find out and fix it, they told me to hire the inspector. I know it is their responsibility to fix the problems but they wont listen to me anymore again keep saying that i am the sensitive one. What should i do? Why is this urine smells wont go away? I clean up my bathroom everyday keep it clean. Vent is on the ceiling. Pleas help me out here!

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In plumbing, the vent is a pipe that exits above the roof. Please tell us what kind of vent is involved in your situation. What does it look like, what size is it?

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Are you talking about an air admittance valve (AAV, AKA 'Studor vent')?

They can be defective and leak from the pipe side to the room side 9they are supposed to allow ar to enter the pipe but NOT exit).

It should not be all that hard to replace one

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Sounds like they are talking about either a ceiling register - or, if it's an old building, maybe one of those passive (no fan) bathroom vent openings that open to a common chase (or whatever you call it.)

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