Point of Use water heater -- resonable solution??

xrayvisionDecember 6, 2010

Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for your help

We have 2 water heaters, the 30 gallon one that supplies a studio next to garage and the washer in the garage just went out, so need to replace it (looks like 30 yrs old, we just bought the place). But don't use the studio for anything but an office. So the only thing the hot water is for is the washing machine and occasional hot water to wash hands.

Also this is a vacation home, 2 1/2 hrs from our main home, so don't use washer much except when we live there in the summer.

Was looking, is a point of use water heater something I should get. I don't want to get another 30 gal, seems like a waste of energy to keep the water warm, but rarely used. Tankless also seems too expensive. Or should I just pay the $60 to have our home warrenty people come out and try to repair it (tried it w/ the 30 yo dishwasher and just ended up wasting our money b/c we replaced anyways after they repaired it).

Also how much are Point of Use and regular water heaters to install, at Lowes they said $500 for a regular 30 gal water heater... so the cost to install is more than the cost of the water heater???


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Ron Natalie

First off, be careful with the terms. Tankless and point of use are not necessarily synonymous. You can have central tankless heaters and point of use heaters that have tanks.

About the only difference installation wise for a tankless unit is it may take a larger gas/electric line to feed it.

Yes a tankless heater would be an energy win on an infrequently used facility. You'll have to shop around to see what the prices end up being.

$500 is exhorbitant for the installation of an replacement unit. Get estimates from reputable people if you're not doing it yourself.

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