Pavers or Flagstone in sand - is one patio easier than the other?

tomatotomataMarch 17, 2011

I'm a rank beginning DIYer. Is it reasonable to think I could pull off a patio? I'm inexperienced, but physically able to do the work.

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Sure you can do it! If you are meaning true flagstone vs. pavers, the pavers will be infinitely easier because they are uniform in size and smooth. I've seen some "flagstone look" concrete pavers which would be pretty much the same as the brick style - I believe the flagstones have a half-dozen or so shapes which interlock giving the irregular look.

I built our paver patio having never done anything like it before. It just takes time, a wheelborrow, muscles and sunblock. Doing it yourself, you won't have the rest of the lawn torn up with equipment. A landscaper once told me he counted on lawn repair following a patio install.

Here are some photos of ours - information is below some of the pictures. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Patio

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Your patio looks great. I think it is getting time for me to stop researching (translation: stalling) and start digging. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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No idea where you live but around here, it is way too soon for projects like a patio.

Ours totals When designing/building ours, I placed string lines to define the space, then excavated the top soil. Next I rented a transit and determined my grade (mine is crowned plus grades away from the house) marking fill levels on strategically placed stakes.

Just think about what you want to do there when the patio is finished. Make provisions for electricity, gas, water, shade. I figure it saved about $10,000 DIY'ing ours which were tax-free $$$'s and made it worthwhile.

If you can plan it, you can build it. Have fun.

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Yes you can do it. It'll be a lot easier if whatever material you use is of similar thickness. Pavers and most dimensional flagging fill that requirement.

Irregular flagging can vary in thickness by several inches, it can be a bit of work to rough set a piece of irregular flagging, lift, adjust the setting bed, set again, tamp, lift and adjust one more time, reset, then move on to the next piece. Not to mention chipping away at it to make it better fit. Sometimes it goes well, other times slowly.

I'm in CT, most of the work I've done is with dimensional bluestone. Looks very nice, goes down well, and lasts forever.

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