Removing Posts from Beam

threedogfarmMarch 26, 2009

Hi All,

I need some help in sizing a beam for my existing deck. The deck currently extends approx 25' from the house and is supported by 3 trippled 2X10 beams supported by 6x6s every 10'. The beams are 8' on center. The deck is freestanding so there is no leger board. I would like to park a trailer under the deck but to so I would need to remove the center beams posts. What size beam would I need to support the center beam. I would like to go the full 16' to the other posts, but if that's not possible what would the maxim span that would not required an engineered beam.

Thanks for you help


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Are the beams in one span or are they spliced over the posts. J.

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Yes they are splice over the post.

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You can span 16' using a triple 2x10'' with no problem. It might be a little tricky holding up the project while your doing that but Im sure you can rig up some temp support including some diagonal bracing.

If you have room for the trailer/truck it would be possible to install another beam under the two existing. This would be a lot easier. J.

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Thanks John,

What I want to try is to temporarly support all three beams then cut off the top of the two remaining posts the height of the new beam so I can use the existing post and footings.

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That would do it Dog. J.

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