Remodel and groundwater seepage

ljcareyMarch 21, 2013

We are having all our landscaping redone... pavers, outdoor kitchen, covered overhang and the pool resurfaced, and this has been going on since June of 2012. ;(

I have a problem with water seepage from somewhere... The PB has drained the pool and the spa and then the spa is filling up with 2.5' of water again and again.

The PB even vacuumed the pool and spa from all the debris last week and the spa water is green and mucky again and it hasn't rained. PB thought that it might be the sprinkler system or just ground water seeping because they have not put the bond coat on yet. (See picture, and that is only after a couple of days and no rain)

I also have water seeping in from the bottom of the light in the pool and another hole that they patched where old plumbing was and now there is hard calcium buildup on the pool wall and bottom.

Will the bond coat seal these leaks or should I push to have them check with leak detection prior? There are coming on Monday and wanted to respond to them in a intelligent manner. Thanks

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I also have water seeping in from the bottom of the light in the pool and another hole that they patched where old plumbing was and now there is hard calcium buildup on the pool wall and bottom. See pic.

Is this of a concern? Or will the bond coat and pebble tec seal it?


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This is the other water leak that is from where the old plumbing was removed and they patched...

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You have some serious hydrostatic pressure form the ground around your pool. How long are you running your sprinklers?
If the water is not caused by that then your ground water table around your pool is really high.
Not sure why you would bod coat a pool that has the plaster stripped already but in any case if the pool is leaking water around the light niches and pipe you need to cut around and chip out the shotecrete and put a hydraulic cement around the lights and fittings. These are natural positive and negative side points for leaking even on brand new pools.
You may also want to consider a impregnating water proofer like Hydra Lock or Auqaron and spray it on the shotcrete before plaster. This will at least impregnate into the shell 3 or 4 inches and keep negative hydrostatic pressure from getting behind the plaster.
If I remember correctly most bond coast have an elastromeric additive to them that will fail when you get water behind them.
Remember concrete or plaster is not waterproof. Even 7,000 p.s.i. concrete can be permeated by water.

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Pools94, the new yard is on drip and they run 10 min. I don't think that it would be that because I never had problem like this on the original pool, but I don't know at his point. And there used to be a grass area 3 feet from the pool for 1/2 of the pool. Now there are only pavers and no sprinklers or drip for 6-10 feet in al directions. (See pic)

Pool remodeler guarantees his pebble tec plus for 10 years, so I would hope that if we have a problem that it would show up within that time.

They said that it might be leaking from the pressure valve that they installed in he bottom of th spa for testing, but the first thing I did was to drain the filter when they cut one of the lines for the jets in the spa to let all the water out, but that was over 4 months ago. And that cut pipe is dry inside of it...

I did see a chain of bubbles on the edge of the seat in the spa, so I'm wondering if that is where it's leaking. The only reason I saw them is because the water is green and mucky and the bubbles stick together.


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It looks like from your last picture your at at the bottom of a slope. You are probably getting water from that slope. You are probably past the point of return to do a well system under your pool so what I told you before is what you should do.
I would even shy away from the bond coat. Plaster sticks best directly to the shotcrete. If you put something else in between the two you have the possibility of delamination from the back due to the water coming from the negative side of the pool..
You need to ask your builder whether that 10 years is for the pebble or for delamination of the plaster from the shell.
What part of the country do you live in?
Hope this helps.

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No California, Bay Area

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Then you definitely get a lot of rain. More than we get in SoCal.
I would still suggest that you plan a course of action that I suggested. If your builder resists tell him it would be in his best interest.

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Looking at your pictures I see there are no gutters on your house to catch run off water to a street drain and your back yard also slopes down towards your pool. Looks like a bowl to me. All rain water runoff drains towards the pool area. I'd take Pools94 advice and install a well system to get the water from around your pool shell.


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We do have gutters between the house and the trellis and they run the whole length of the house. Then on the new patio overhang there are gutters on their also. Even have a drain by the trellis next to the second blue tarp that you can see in the background. This year we didn't get as much frain as we have in the past. And the pavers slope away from the pool, but they have not put the polymeric sand on the pavers yet and maybe that is the problem?

When we had the original pool built 17 years ago, we didn't have the problem with water seepage into the pool, but then again they were in and out of here in 6-8 weeks, so we would never have seen it anyway. Never had a problem with the water leaking out of the poo eitherl. Normal evaporation during our hot summers, that can get into the 90 to 100 degrees, is about 2-3" per week.

On the old pool we had moss rock instead of coping for the right side of the pool edge and a planting area that came right up next to it. Then on the left side we had a 2.5' concrete walkway around the pool and lawn all around and no drains except one in the lawn area.(picture of old pool and landscaping)

The PB came in July and did their thing with jack-hammering the old pool surface, new tile and new coping, etc. Then stepped back and are waiting for the landscapers to get done. Landscapers still have to put in the polymeric sand in the pavers and I didn't want that on the new Black bottom PebbleTec surface. So here we sit!

The slope that you are seeing is only about 3 feet high behind the pool and about 5 feet high to the right of the pool and there are french drains behind the moss rock walls that are tied into the landscape drains that go to the street.

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