AutoPilot SWG Installation

zooming993March 20, 2013

Purchased a new Pool Pilot Digital 40K SWG (DIG-220) and plan on installing it soon. My question has to do with wiring/powering the unit. Currently I have one (1) 230 line running to the equipment pad, this line is providing power to a Hayward Super Pump (1 ý HP), Raypak heater and Hayward booster pump. The 230 line is run using 12 gauge wire and has a double 20 AMP circuit breaker. My question is, do I need to run another 230 line to power the SWG or can I use the existing 230 line to power it? I will be replacing the Intermatic 2 power source mechanical timer with a new Intermatic 3 power supply digital timer. The power for the booster pump timer is powered by the other timer. Thanks for your help.

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It's a Pool Pilot not an AutoPilot, sorry.

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Basicly the line that goes to your main pump from your panel should also feed the Pool Pilot...


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Thank you for the reply. So if I understand your reply correctly, I can add the new SWG system onto the same 230 line my main pump, heater and booster pump are currently running on?

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You will want to run it so when you turn off your main pump you also turn off your SWG. So basicly the feed going to your main pump motor will also go to your SWG. Don't forget to bond everything or you could have a problem with electrolysis later on your equipment with the salt...


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