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tjkbaMarch 13, 2011

I meant to post these pics awhile ago...I can honestly say thet my pool building experience was awesome, I would love to recommend the pool builder, but not sure if allowed. By the way, these pics are over a year old, completion was March 2010. TOP QUALITY POOL, one year later, still awesome....

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Nice size pool.

A few things that seem to be worth commenting on WRT the spa:

The drains are way to close and can theoretically be blocked. Also, the lack of drain sumps makes entanglements a serious concern, from two different directions. The distance issue is not VGB compliant in that they MUST be no less than 3 feet apart in this type of design.

Are the deck mounted vents for the spa screened? Loud?

The first 90 to the suction side of the visible pump is too close. There should be 8 to 12 inches of straight pipe before any fittings or valves.

What is the pvc loop in the deck?


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Actually, there are 4 drains in the spa (there are two others on the other side, and are three feet apart), so the two you see would not cause a single blockage. Not sure why "4" drains, but we specifically discussed the code specs to ensure 3ft apart(to which they are).

The PVC loop is one of the skimmers, each skimmers has two pipes...again, not sure why....

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The 4 drains will allow more/sufficient water to be pulled. This is a good thing and I expect the hidden wall mounted drain to be tied to the visible floor and visa versa for the other set. That would be within VBG guide lines.

I didn't see that the loop was at a skimmer. If the skimmers are tied to the bottom drains or equalizer ports, that would explain why it was done.


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What color pebble did you use? It looks nice

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It's called "Wet Edge" Caribbean Blue...

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Forgot to mention the SPA deck mounted vents are only loud when water gets to them, then they make a loud "slurping" sound, other than that they are not noticeable...not sure if they are screened (doubt it...)

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What did you use for coping and water line tile? Very nice color.

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Love the finish on your pool. You said Carribean blue by Wet Edge. I see Carribean Coast Primera stone by Wet Edge on their website. Is that it? Or is it a Pearl Matrix. We are trying to decide on finish and I am so conflicted about what to do. Love the look of the pebble but and very concerned about the rough texture of it. Have you been happy with the finish - any pros/cons or advice you could share?


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We used slate coping and upgraded to 1 inch slate tiles for the water line.....

I was wrong on the wet edge (had to look at the contract), it's actually Wet Edge's Luna Quartz "Mediterranean" and it is not rough at all, very smooth on hands and feet, extremely pleased...no flaking.

Overall, we had a great experience with the pool build, glad we choose the pebble (can't stand the feel of plaster). After one year I can say no regrets.

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We are trying to make a final decision between the Luna quartz in Mediterranean and Pacific -- a lighter blue, for a replaster. Yours looks great and that is a great color with your rock and natural look. The folks who will be doing it say they use Luna quartz for about 70% of the pools they do (they carry several different lines -- not just Wet Edge) -- and that Mediterranean and Pacific account for most of those.

Glad to hear you like the surface. Our pool is not deep, so your feet are always on the bottom surface.

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