Using stripper on partially repaired deck

mwhitisMarch 21, 2009

Due to a botch repair job by a relative last year, I'm about to replace a contiguous 1/4 of my deck with new boards.

I'm just trying to decide the correct order of repairing/stripping/brightening to consolidate as much effort as possible.

I plan to strip and brighten the old wood. And clean and brighten the new wood.

If I repair first, will overspray from the stripper hurt the new wood or will cleaner from the new wood hurt the stripped wood?

If I strip first, does the brightener really need to be applied immediately as per the instructions, or can it wait until after I've repaired and cleaned the new wood so that

I can hit the whole deck at once?



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Old thread resurrection...but wanted to share my experience. Have a fir deck, about 20 years old with old weathered Fenoseal oil finish. I replaced a number of boards and tried to lighten with Behr 2 in 1. It was somewhat effective, then powerwashed. My new wood was still much lighter. I had a grease stain which I cleaned with TSP, and saw that much gunk was coming off the boards leading me to suspect finish remained on the old boards. So I bit the bullet and bought Behr stripper-no local stores were open for any other brands. It removed tons of dark brown sludge but left all the wood dark with scubbing with a deck brush. Powerwashed it off too. I then went back over with some lightener by Cabot. All the wood is clean and bright. Granted the new wood has less texture but the color is close.

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