Spa/waterline Tile

brennansmom04March 26, 2014

Has anyone used Volcano from Master Tile, the 130 or 330 color?? It's so hard to choose?? I'll list some others on my short list, maybe someone has used them...

Master Tile
MAS HM 141,143, 145
Empire Mix 121, 124

National Pool Tile
Martinque - Ocean blue
Oasis - Nile Blue
Mini Koyn -olive blue

Any help would be appreciated! Gotta make a decision this week!!"

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I haven't gotten to the tile stage yet but I actually went and looked at these today. At least some of these! I have one or two of these on my phone. LOL. I can just tell you which ones I prefer. I think that the turquoise ones look prettier than the darker blues. I just love the way the tiles shimmer on the steps thru the water. I had not seen the mini Koyn-olive blue! It is very pretty. It would be pretty with the larger tile as the waterline tile and then a smaller tile on a tanning ledge. I also like the Martinique. I had originally thought that I would go with more natural colors, like bronze and browns but now I am definitely leaning towards the turquoises and greens and blues!! Good lucks. Please post pics or at least let us know what you choose. What are you doing for your coping??

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I do like the Martinique ocean blue a lot. I am looking at it also. It is really hard to pick. Have you chosen yet?

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