Is there a Best IPE screw ?

rtateMarch 1, 2013

Long story Short ,4years ago I built a 600 sq/ft ipe deck
too close to the ground and my pt frame is now starting to rot.
So I'm going to unscrew and pull up all the boards, raise the frame and re-attach the 1x6 ipe.
Here are my questions:

  1. is there a "Best" or builders choice for the stainless screws ?I can't remember which brand I used originally but I did use a smart-bit to predrill and the screws were square drive.
    2) I am considering using a longer screw this time.
    Previously I used 2 inch and noticed some here use 2 1/2 inch.
    Is longer better ??
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I always recommend using Simpson Strong-Tie Stainless Steel Screws for my Customers. They're square drive and the most common lengths used are 1 5/8 for 1x6 and 2 1/4 for 5/4x6 material. You should be able to find them locally but I know and carry them.

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