Sump Pump problem (like right now!!!)

ruthannDecember 21, 2012

Hi, I don't s'pose anyone is online right now, right? It will be to late in a short while. My sump pump has been running constantly about 3 days now. If I push the plunger down it will turn off, but when I release it, it runs again. It has been keeping the water out of the crock, but now it is flooding the basement. My grand son is coming tomorrow to do something about it (he "didn't have time" today. Should I unplug it? Or let the #@%& thing run? I don't know if it is taking anything outside. Probably not. It has a check valve. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

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My answers are made based on the assumption that you have a pedestal pump, but may apply to a float-activated sump pump as well. There is a probably a mechanical problem with the float. You will have to get on the floor by the crock and see what is causing it to lift up and push the plunger up.

I don't understand how the basement is flooding if the crock is clear of water.

I don't know if the pump motor is rated to run continuously.

You can answer your question is the pump removing water by looking outside or unplugging the pump and seeing if the crock fills up.

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We have an old pedestal pump and sometimes stuff gets jammed down in the egress hole sufficiently to make the motor run as the water tries to get around and out it. We then clean out the hole. Another reason can be quicker filling than egress but this does not seem to be your problem. Check around with a flash light and gloved hand after unplugging the sump.

Hopefully by now you've fixed your problem anyway. Good luck.

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Thanks for responding. My grandson came over today, took the pipe apart and noticed it wasn't shooting the water up high enough. So he took the pump out and lo, and behold (whatever that means!) there was a dead Mickey Mouse jammed in it. He took it out, hooked it back up and we were in business again.

It was after midnight last night when I posted, I didn't want to go outside and look to see if water was coming out. Boogie men out there.

Yes, it is a pedestal pump. I have to buy a new one at least every other year. Neighbors told us (after we bought the house 40 years ago) that this used to be a swamp. I believe them.

The water in crock was just swirling around, it was never completely empty. Then it just started filling up, and up the drain, flooding the basement with about 3 - 4 inches of water. I have gotten used to it over the years. Everything is on blocks or legs of some kind. If its on the floor and gets ruined then I think that's what I deserve. I know better!! Thanks everyone. Ruth Ann

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