Olympic Stain Sealer vs Minwax Helmsman

starplexMarch 5, 2013

Last year we had our porch remodeled. The ceiling is Pine Bead board. When new last year I stained the ceiling with Minwax Polyshade, which turned out great. However, the ceiling gets mildew on it from time to time (southern humidity). At this point which would be the better option, to coat with Helsman Spar Urethane as an outdoor protector to combat the mildew, or apply something like a Stain Sealer (Olympic, Cabot, etc) that is meant for Decks and fences that resists mildew?

I really don't want to strip the original stain as the concrete floor has SunDek on it & I don't want to risk damaging the floor coating with a stain stripper on the ceiling.

Any advice is appreciated.

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I may be mistaken but I do believe that Polyshades is an interior only product which may be partially why your having this issue. If your going to recoat I would use a Spar Varnish personally.

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A touchy situation. ANYTHING you put on that ceiling now will still have the mildew, eventually, unless you can remove all of what is there.
Spar urethane or varnish would be my vote, but that mildew is tenacious stuff.
Good luck.

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