Weekend home...in the winter

kangell_gwDecember 13, 2010

I have a new weekend home in the Shenandoah Valley that has somewhat frequent power outages and can have lots of snow. I just want to make sure I'm taking the right steps to turn off my water while I'm gone during the week to prevent a serious water mishap. When I left tonight I flipped the circiut breakers to the well pump and water heater. I then drained my lines using my lowest spigot which happens to be outdoors. In fact, it's my only spigot on my basement level and I left it open. When I return Friday night, I plan to clost the spigot, flip the circuit breakers back on, and then turn on whatever spigot is handy.

Is this the right process to follow?

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So far. Do you leave the heat on? If not, you need to think about anti-freeze in the toilets.

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And the drain traps. Is the heater being drained?

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I set the heat to 60 degrees so I think I'm ok unless the power goes out. It would take quite awhile of no power and cold weather to freeze the toilets to the point of breaking them, wouldn't it?

Hmmm, drain traps? No, I'm not draining the heater. My builder said I any time I kill the well pump I should also cut power to the water heater otherwise I risk burning out the heating element. Does that make sense?

Thanks so much for your input!

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