New build construction in Folsom CA - Input please

ChrisZTTMarch 17, 2014

We are putting in our first pool and I was hoping the more experienced people on here could look over the drawings and the specs and let me know if we need to add or change anything. I am not sure which Pebble Tech to go with, we want something blue like the the bahamas or such.

Any thoughts on improving the layout or adding/changing things would be greatly appreciated. As I said, this will be my first pool, we picked El Dorado Pools to build it. We have spoken with several people in my neighborhood who have used them and all have given great reviews.

The entire backyard is getting done including a BBQ area and new patio. We also plan on adding a cover over the patio in the near future. No decisions on that yet.

Once last question. I was considering getting the Magic stream laminars, basically a deck jet with LED to make them light up at night. Anybody have experience with those? I have 4 young children and I want them to have as much fun as possible in the pool.

Standard Pool - 350 sq. ft. area, 80 ft. perimeter, 3',6" to 6'6" deep
29'x21' at longest two points and about 19' to 20' at shortest points
5'x8'x12" cabo shelf on the left side with 3 fountains/bubblers which will extend around the left side to cross the front of the spa and waterfall
2 underwater seats on the right side near deep end built into the wall
There will be 10-12 moss rocks in varying locations in the bond beam and on the cabo shelf along with several jumping rocks
6 sack Gunite @ 12" on bond beam & 9" on walls floors and benches
Pool overflow drain on bond beam or @ pad
Standard tile @ waterline
300' cantilevered pool deck around pool perimeter
Standard white plaster pool finish
6 ft Spa w/ 5 jets 24: above pool with stacked stone
Stepping stone walkway on left to get to spa
STA RITE System 3 Mod Media filter ( 3 yr. full warranty)
STA RITE Easy Touch Controls w/ remote
STA RITE Intelli Chlor Salt Chlorine generator
STA RITE Intellipro VS-3050 Variable Speed pump
STA RITE Heater - 400,000 BTU Heater
Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark pool cleaner

2 - Intellibrite 5g LED Light Multi Colored Light
Auto Fill
Concrete - Standard Stamped Finish
Solar #1 - southern roofline - Up to 300' sq.ft. - no booster pump
Waterfall 4'X5' - Moss Rock - Cascading
Rock on Bond Beam Ledge stone, Slate
Pebble Tech (includes spa) - Not sure of color yet
Removable Safety Fence with 48" High w/ self closing gate

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We are just starting this process (in Southern CA), and just started looking at contractors. I'm sure I will start learning what all those technical terms mean soon, right now I am clueless. Looks like a really nice layout! Can I ask what the budget is on this?

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