Will bathtub fit?

lisadluNovember 14, 2013

We are replacing a true 58"long double skirted bathtub. Since I can't find a double skirted tub (this one is 40 years old) we will have to build a pony wall to accommodate an alcove installation. My problem is we only have 92.5" from wall to wall, and that must accommodate the new 60" tub, new 4" wide pony wall, and 30" for my toilet - this all adds up to 94" and I only have 92.5". I'm thinking I might make up a half inch when the tub goes behind the wall to the studs but I'll still be shy an inch for my toilet. I guess my question is when they say a tub is 60", is it really? Or is it 59.5"? Am I missing something?

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You could use 2x3 framing lumber or 1-5/8" steel studs (not available from big boxes).
Change your search "Item" from skirted, to apron, in your case, full apron, a trade standard terminology.

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