Too much heat.

furnoneNovember 5, 2013

My daughter's room, about 12 x12, has baseboard radiators on the two outside walls and is too hot for comfort. I was thinking of pulling the fins off the radiator on one wall and covering the pipe with pipe insulation. Is this a good solution? Any other ideas?

Thank you,

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I'd install metering valves to be able to adjust the hot water flow rates.
Restricting the air flow around the radiator will also reduce the heat output, but I wouldn't pack insullation around the pipe.
Ripping out fins seems a bit too permanent for me.

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Thanks Randy.
First, I do want a permanent solution, as this has been a problem in this room for the 36 years that we have lived here.

If I install metering valves, won't that restrict flow on the entire loop that supplies three other bedrooms?

I think there is just too much radiation for the room size.


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eliminating the fins will do the trick. Just grab them with some needle nose pliers at the tubing and twist. If you put insulation in there, use the hi temp fiberglass type you see on commercial systems.

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