I need a name of a Pool inspector Austin, Tx

marlinmanMarch 27, 2011

I am building a new pool out of the city limits, so I don't need any permits or inspection. However I would like to hire a inpector that specializes in pools to watch over the build. Can you recommend one?

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My pool came with the house, so maybe there's something I don't know, but that would seem to be an experienced pool builder -- so why wouldn't you hire a pool builder you can trust and build some safeguards into you contract? If you have to hire one pool builder to watch another, well that just sounds like a recipe for trouble in so many possible ways.

When we purchased this house, we had an inspection, but it was a service person a pool place recommended who checked on the state of the pool and the equipment and tried to assure us everything was working and there were no major repairs (we did find a couple of small things)-- but that's an entirely different thing and has no competing interests unless he had been caring for the pool (and he hadn't).

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look at the TREC (texas real estate commission) website for a licensed home inspector that also does pools

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