Plumbing Project - Add valves to pipes

bob6831November 21, 2012


Want to add some valves to some water pipes coming from my boiler going to my kitchen sink and possibly the pipes going to another room. Local plumber is quoting $75 per valve. I live in upstate NY; is this reasonable? And would best valve for this be a "ball valve"?


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Not enough information to even venture a guess.

1.what type and size of pipe?
2. What is the purpose of the new valves?
3. Are the desired locations readily accessible?
4.If the new valves will ultimately be adding demand load on the system, is the line large enough to handle the additional load?

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1 - 1/2 inch copper
2 - To be able to shut off water to sinks at end of lines when go away for extended period of time.
3 - Yes
4 - ? These will only be used to stop the flow of water. Note that I will want valves that have the drain feature on them.

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