Restore/Refinish Plywood Deck

hotrockMarch 13, 2013

Hi Guys & Girls

I have a plywood deck with an acrylic latex deck coating on it. I want to strip and refinish it.

I cleaned it last season with a pressure washer but just gave it a "light" power wash because I noticed the paint would peel off pretty easily.

This season I'm prepared to take on the job. I've read a bunch but can't find much info about plywood decks specifically.

To strip it, should I use a pressure washer or a sander?

I see a lot of people saying to skip the p.washer, use a sander because it will need to be sanded anyways before applying any sealant/stain/paint. But, this suggestion was in regards to non-plywood decks.

Since it's plywood, will it need to be sanded after I get the current stuff off it?

To refinish, does a plywood deck require a coat of sealant? Then primer? Then some sort of deck paint?

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