Tall vanity, low drain: any space creating solutions?

kmcgNovember 20, 2012

My contractor installed a new drain for our bathroom sink just 16" above the floor, which seemed odd, given that our vanity is 36" high and has 2 drawers in the sink base. I had hoped that he could come up with a P-trap configuration where the pipes angled sharply back toward the wall, and then the P-trap sat back close to the wall, allowing for perhaps a cut-out drawer. The drain entry point is 11" below the bottom of the sink, and 16" above the floor.

Can anyone suggest an arrangement that would push the pipes back, instead of having that long tailpipe ending in a P-trap that's just a few inches above the bottom of the cabinet?

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Just for reference, here's a photo of an arrangement that seemed promising, but I have no idea if there's some fatal flaw in that setup.

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Looks acceptable. Make sure that horizontal section from the tailpiece to the p-trap has proper slope.

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Thanks! Do you have any idea what the proper slope for the horizontal piece would be?

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2% I believe....1/4 inch per foot

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Thank you!

Someone posted the photos over on the terry love forum. The pros over there are pessimistic about the long horizontal run in the solution photo: they say it will accumulate gunk and smell bad. But it does seem like an improvement, and I don't really see that there's much more horizontal pipe than in the setup I already have. It would just be that the vertical is broken up by a couple bends.

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The P-trap must be at the wall as shown in the photo above. It may not be connected directly under the sink in the conventional manner.

The horizontal offset may not exceed 15"

The total vertical drop may not exceed 24" from the drain opening in the sink to the fixture arm at the wall.

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If the pros are talking about gunk build up and smell, I think I can catch their viewpoint.

I see how you say there isn't any more horizontal distance in the solution than in the current. But, the difference is that the horizontal in the current is all "downwind" of the ptrap. Odors would have to get through the water in the trap. However, the solution picture has 1/2 of the horizontal piping in above the ptrap--therefore there is nothing there to keep the odors from filtering up and out...

I think that is what they are getting at.

Just so you can weigh that information.

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hey if you have to disassemble it once every 6 months and scour out any crud/gunk thats not a big deal.

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Thanks for those extra details, everyone. Kirkhall - that makes perfect sense - I knew I was missing something!

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