hot water shuts off?

chillygatorNovember 9, 2011

I have a second floor bathroom with a problem sink. Whenever I run the hot water in the vanity, it will come out with a nice steady flow until the actual hot water reaches the faucet from my basement heater. Then it shuts down to barely a trickle. This started happening in the last year or two. The faucet is fairly new (maybe 5 years) has two handles which mix the water into one faucet. I think it might be a pegasus. Could my hot water heater be the reason? It was changed out about 2 years ago. Perhaps it's set too high?

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Is this one of those faucets with an anti-scald feature?

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I don't know. I did not buy this faucet. It was installed in the vanity when we bought it. I didn't think vanity faucets had those but I just googled it and apparently they can. I'll be taking it apart to check this weekend.

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