Black goo/particles at spout openings

joaniepoanieNovember 12, 2011

I have noticed that black goo collects on both my kitchen and bathroom spouts where the water comes out. On the kitchen faucet, if I take a paper towel and rub over the holes where the water comes out, there will be black goo on the towel. What is this and any way to deal with it? Not real thrilled about drinking the water, washing the dishes,or brushing teeth. Thanks for any info!

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Thats generally an indication of a high iron content in the water..and if thats the case, not only will it not hurt you, it is actually healthy,,but just to be sure, contact your local health department and they can tell you how and where you can get your water tested.

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Look inside one of your toilet tanks and see if there's a slime deposited on the sides.

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