I just want a nice, inexpensive tub filler and handles for.....a

threeapplesNovember 8, 2011

my kids tub/shower which is just going to have a simple hansgrohe handheld unit. i want something simple and effective that's not modern looking. i only am finding tub fillers without the handles or those that also include the showerhead, which i don't need. Any ideas? thanks.

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If you are using a Hangrohe valve, you will need to use the Hansgrohe trim. Hansgrohe will tend towards the modern in style.

If you want a more traditional look, you may want to look at other manufacturers like Kohler or American Standard. You can replace the shower head with a plain hand held shower for any of the "kits" that come with the shower head and it will actually be cheaper.

If you are Ok with a pressure balancing valve instead of a thermostatic one, you can find tub/shower fixtures for under $200 at any box store. If you want a thermostatic valve, you might be able to find a kit at a plumbing specialthy store like Fergusons, but you may have to special order. The price goes up significantly for thermostatic valves.

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