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babushka_catNovember 29, 2010

In prep for a kitchen remodel on my 1942 cottage my GC is doing some preliminary plumbing work this Wed: replacing water heater to tankless which will allow us to eliminate an exhaust flue running up the back of a kitchen cabinet and upgrading some of original galvanized plumbing to copper. (we cannot do all of the galvanized due to the phasing of the project, some will be done during kitchen remodel)

the contractor makes reference to a 1" bell and 1/2" lines. is this is an acceptable design solution. any concerns with this approach i should be aware of? i appreciate any feedback you have. i have an existing irrigation system connected to one of the hose bibs - any worries about this functioning correctly after this plumbing upgrade? scope of work is listed as follows:


provide and install 3/4" copper to a riser at front of residence

provide and install a shut off ball valve at exterior of residence

provide and install a 3/4" to 1" bell (what is a bell - any issues with going to 1" from 3/4"?)

re-install electrical ground clamp

provide and install 1" copper line from shut off valve to water heater

provide and install 1" x 1/2" T's for front hose bib, bathroom and laundry cold supplies

provide and install 1/2" hose bib for front hose bib

provide and install dielectric connectors at all ties of existing galvanized to new copper (this is in reference to the galvanized lines we cannot yet abandon due to the phasing of the construction work)


remove existing water heater

provide and install 1" gas line from meter to water heater location

provide and install Takagi TK3

provide and install isolation valves

provide and install condensate drain

provide and install tie to new 1" supply line

provide and install tie to existing distribution

provide and install stainless steel ductwork from water heater to exterior of residence

provide and install flue exterior wall termination

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Sounds fine.

A 'bell' is a short increase in pipe size done so that a pipe of the same diameter can fit into it. In your case the plumber is upsizing from a 3/4" diameter water service pipe to 1" distribution pipe once inside the structure.

That's a good practice to increase flow to fixtures.

Installation sounds fine.

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