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bengardeningApril 14, 2013

Here in mid SD rain started sometime early this morning. Then it turned to a heavy snow. Now it is still snowing lightly. Our windows on the east side looked like they were frosted this morning with heavy ice. Temp is around 30. Somebody told my DH that we probably had 16 inches before this, but i am not complaining we really need the moisture.

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Heavy rain started here in Bay County, Florida, about noon and still coming down hard - glad we have sand for our turf - otherwise, everyone would own a swimming pool!

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Perfect day here today. 72 and sunny. I could take that year round.

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It has been very nice here today, sunny and in the 70's I think. I went to church this morning and came home and had a bit of lunch and since that time I have been outside, riding around with the girls on my golf cart. Making plans for the garden and the yard.

Sue in Central Indiana

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It's almost perfect in my part of Ohio. Sun is shining and it's about 60 right now.

Bengardening, is the snow/temps normal for this time of year for you?


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Sometimes we get snow in April and I have even seen it up until the end of May. I remember last year it was 93 degrees on April 1st. So it varies a lot.

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