Southern California Plaster Recommendations

maxadamsMarch 28, 2012

I am really grateful for this informative site. I have learned quite a bit reading past threads. I am in the process of replastering my pool (probably with some type of pebble finish) and would also like to incorporate a rock formation slide. I live in Los Angeles county and was wondering if anyone has had success with any companies this way. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Many thanks.

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What part of Los Angeles are you in?

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We are in Hacienda Heights. A bit East of LA but still in the county. I asked Baron to come out but they don't come into LA County. Jaguar Pools is also out as they are on a one year break from residential pools.

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Try Kerber Brothers out of Norwalk. I've used them for 17 years and never have had an issue. Hope that helps.That is interesting about Jaguar. I bid against them last year on a residential remodel. They were very low on their pricing. I wonder if they knew what their salesmen were bidding the pools at and decided not to do residential pools anymore because they were not making a profit.

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Thanks Pools94 for the information on Kerber Brothers. I will research them although I recall reading a post on this site warning about them. I guess if you read enough you will always find something negative about anyone and would wind up never wanting to do anything. Yeah it was a shame that Jaguar as well as Baron's weren't able to give me an estimate as I've read good things on both.

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I know of the thread that you are talking about. I asked them about that and there were reasons beyond Kerbers control on that complaint.I've been dealing with them for over 17 years. They have never disappointed me. They have plastered a lot of pools since 1953. You cant make everyone happy. Good luck.

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