why would someone put in such small pressure tank

jeanweddingNovember 27, 2012

As per my prev post. we are well newbies
.... about our well.....I mentioned the recovery rate is approx 3 gallon then pump kicks on to recover. The pressure tank is small and has no guage to tell what the wtr pressure is,,,,
The pump is wired presently for 240 volts, wired with number 12 guage wire....
Like mentioned prev owners deceased.....
Our main beef so far, while showering ... ( shower, single handed , bath filler,spout with shower head divertetor faucet was in here in one piece shower unit... and older Moen)trying to rinsed off.waiting for pump to kick on. then quickly rinse off shampoo etc before pressure wanes again....
So far not hooked up washingmch... cause of hard water, smelly water, massive amt.old top loader washing machine uses of water....
I have a small Asko still at former home waiting to bring down
Bought new aluminum anode rod for hot water heater, to reduce odor, not yet installed cause, wanna do whole house filter too....
Please chime and with suggestions... Hubby and I are do -it your selfers.... plenty cabable of doing what need to be done....
OH by the way where is "spell check"... it used to be on GW when I typed in a post?

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GardenWeb has never had an integrated spell-check function. Some web browsers have it in the program. Firefox, for example.

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The tank itself may not have a gauge, but there might be one at the base of the tank on the house side.

I replaced a tank for a friend. It attached to the base of a rather heavy brass 'T' fitting, 3/4" I think. At the top of the 'T' were connections for the pump relay and a pressure gauge. I think (from memory) there was also a water shutoff and a drain.

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A new pressure tank may solve more than one problem. The air bladder in the current one may be deteriorated and/or leaking thus causing the odor/taste problem and the short cycle. I would also replace the pressure switch and add a pressure gauge.

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