Pilot light out on water heater

arob98November 9, 2010


I came home from work to find my water heater pilot light out. I went over the lighting instructions and when it wouldn't light I hit the online forums. I read about faulty thermocouplers being the cause of pilot lights not staying lit and that may be the cause of it going out in the first place, however I am unable to light the pilot following the instructions. I turn the valve to pilot, press down on the know and push the ignition button 5+ times rapidly however the pilot doesn't light and I see no evidence of spark in the window. Should I assume the ignitor is also bad or is there something I can do to determine that? This is my first foray into water heater troubleshooting so please be patient. Thanks!

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No spark? Does it click? You can try using a fire place lighter and manually lighting it. You'll need to replace the spark ignitor, but at least you can get one tank of hot water for a shower before you hit the box store for the part.

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If the thermocouple isn't working, will it even stay lit?

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