eimea....Funny you should be here...Aztec Cobalt.

banana_fannaMarch 22, 2011

About 2 weeks ago I was searching this forum for 'Aztec Cobalt' pool tile as it's one of the tiles we're considering and I was hoping to find some pics.

I came across one of your posts from 2005 or 6 and saw that you have it. The pictures you posted didn't highlight the tile much but I figured it was a slim chance that you'd answer a post as you were probably long gone.

Anyhow, do you have any other pics of your pool you can post? Are you still happy with your choice? Is it hard to keep clean? What grout color did you use and what type of plaster. QUESTIONS!!!

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AHHHHH! I am so sorry that I did not reply back in March! I was so heavily involved in the forum during our build for for about a year after but rarely come back.

Tonight I did come back looking for an old pic I posted to show my husband and I saw your post. I also read that you went with NPT Silverstone Ocean for your tile so I am going to assume you made a decision.

I saw your choice online and it is beautiful! I love the silvery look to it. Our yard is very natural with redwood trees and a lot of shade so our choice worked out perfect for us too.

In case you still wanted the info...we used a gray grout and we are still very pleased with it. We have Ocean Blue Pebble Sheen, gosh, I think that was the name. As I type it now I'm not sure, but I think that was it.

We love everything about our pool -- especially the infloor cleaning system we splurged on.

I hope your build went well!


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