Drains not lining up

KelliCNovember 10, 2013

This is my first time doing any plumbing on my own. I replaced one sink already and everything lined up well. This one isn't lining up and it's not reaching. Do I need to completely replace the tailpiece? Is there a way to extend it the 1.5 inches that I need? This is in a bathroom so it has the pop-up connected through the tailpiece.

Thank you!

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Yes, buy a 6" tailpiece to reach the trap. You may need to cut an inch or two off with a hacksaw. It will be evident when you install it.

Pay attention to the different washer thicknesses as you assemble, so that it's water-tight. In fact, take the trap to the store with you, so somebody can walk you through it. You're going from 1 1/4" tailpiece to 1 1/2" trap.

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I'll definitely take the trap and the washer with me when I go in again to make sure everything fits. I actually went into HD when I realized this but no one there knew enough to help me out. They recommended that I get a complete new tailpiece, but I wanted to ask here to make sure I was doing the right thing. They weren't much older than I am and seemed to just be guessing.

Should it be flanged at one end between the extension and the p trap? The piece between the wall and the p trap is flanged to hold the washer (?) on. I think I found something that would work on amazon, but I'm sure it would be cheaper at a hardware store.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flanged tailpipe extension

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Not flanged. Just to be clear, if you are trying to reach it vertically, you need a 6" tailpiece extension (1 1/4" diameter), plus the thicker washer so it can connect to the 1 1/2" trap (you seem to have that already).

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Gotcha. I'll go searching tonight at the hardware store. Thank you!

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The extender linked below may not be exactly what your situation requires but it illustrates the concept.

Here is a link that might be useful: Extender

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I fixed it the way Homebound had instructed and it works. The only problem is that I keep finding some water under both sinks here and there. I've run the water full force in both bathrooms and can't find any leaks. Everything is as tight as possible as well. I caulked where the popup is in the sink so that's water tight. I also tightened the supplies as much as possible and the tailpiece/p-traps. I felt everything and couldn't find any water.. just on the bottom of the cabinet. Is there anyway to figure out where they water is coming from? Should I take everything apart and put teflon tape in the joints?

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Use a flashlight to find the leak. Look at each connection, especially the top of each nut as the water drains.
Work your way up. Since you replaced the sink and drain, did you use putty under the drain? Also, for those plastic drains, I like to wipe some teflon paste (rectorseal 5) on the threads before tightening it up. It could be getting past the big nut up top.

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Towel dry everything. Take a dry finger and rub over the plumbing. The tiniest bit of wetness will transfer to the finger. Practice it a bit elsewhere beforehand if necessary.

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Found the leak! I used caulking underneath the pop-up and then placed more over the top and used my caulk tool to get it around the drain. It looks like water was coming out where the pop-up mechanism inserts into the tailpiece. I placed some teflon putty around it, but I think what my dad had was old because it just slid right off. I put some teflon tape on and thankfully no more leaks!

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Kelli the plumbers putty should have been rolled and then placed in an overlapping circle around the drain hole, the the drain tailpiece placed on top of it and smooshed down (cleaning up the excess that is extruded). Caulk will eventually leak, even if you have it stopped up for now. You'll probably have to fix this leak again. When you do if you do it right it will bever leak and it will look much nicer than having globs of calk pushed down around the drain piece.

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