The Woodlands Pool Builder Needed

UncleBoneyMarch 2, 2014

New to gardenweb.

Want a free form pool with a larger spa than normal, smaller yard so a smaller pool, but we want it done right and not cookie cutter.

Have calls in to Marquise, St Croix, Piazza & Topaz (the last two built pools in the neighborhood).

I don't want someone so big that we are the 20th pool they are working on, but don't want someone so small that they are out of business before they finish or don't know the covenant process. 3D designing looks pretty cool?

We want service and quality and hands on; owner contact and oversight; someone to come back if something happens.

Also, what is a typical payment schedule? I would worry about paying a big chunk up front. Do PB'ers take Amex so I can get Membership Rewards points?

Any tips?

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custom pool concepts would be a good place to start. The owner is wonderful. Good luck!

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Thanks. So far, we have St Croix on our list after a visit; seemed very professional. Piazza and Marquise have not returned our calls after several days.

Should we work at 3 bids? Is that enough to educate us and get a good feel for who to work with?

Any additional info on Custom Pool Concepts? Our landscapers, Elliott Brothers, recommended them too since they to the landscaping for them.

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Still hoping for another name or two of PB'ers.

Met one that we really liked, referred by a friend who has a pool. Waiting on the 1st design.

Met two that we did not click with, one after seeing the 1st design on the CAD thing. The CAD is great, but if the user is not perfectly proficient it is a cumbersome meeting.

The fourth was Custom Pool Concepts. Nice sales guy at first meeting, but he said 2-3 weeks for the 1st design to look at. They build a lot of pools and not sure if there are more negatives than positives about that.

We'd like to get a PB who is not too big that our $50-60k pool is peanuts and one who is not so small that we have to worry about their stability, business wise.

This is quite a process already and we have hardly scratched the surface.

Any other feedback or ideas on PB'ers would be appreciated.

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There are a lot of pool builders who work in The Woodlands, including me. Might also check out Atlantis Pools.

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Thanks for the help. Went with Image Pools referred from my business partner. Hopefully digging in a few weeks. Waiting on The Woodlands approval next week.

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