Looking for Pool Fence suggestions

eimeaMarch 12, 2011

I was active in 2005-06 when our pool was built and this forum was such a great source of information that I find myself back -- asking for advice.

We are looking to add a pool fence now that we have a very active 2 year old. We thought we would do a net, but being honest, we would probably not be very diligent about putting it back on.

What brands are must have's? What brands should we stay away from?

Thanks all!!


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I will be getting an 'Elegant Aluminum' Fence in a few weeks when my pool is done. I don't know anything about it but 2 of the 5 PB's that I had give me quotes use it and really like it. The others preferred the more natural look of the wood board on board which I was not a fan of. One PB was pushing a black galvanized steel fence (not sure of the brand) at $50/linear ft. which I thought was crazy, but then again he was high on everything!

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eimea - What an uncanny coincidence! Not sure if you remember me, but we were both active and having our pools done at the same time.Well, Guess what, - I'm also looking for fence ideas to keep a new youngster out. (16 month old daughter in my case).

Funny to see your post after being gone for several years...both back with the same kind of question.

Did you come up with something or still looking?

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We went with a custom wrought iron fence. They give you a classic look with out obstructing your view and keeps the little ones safe! We went with a 4 foot but you can get them taller if you need to (based on your code requirements).

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Hi all -

We are in California so the fence is not required and because we are in California space is limited! :-)

We are really hoping for a removeable fence.

@nateh - Are you the one who did the spool with Aqua? Congrats on the 16 mo little one. We have a 25 month old little girl. We have considered some but have not landed on anything yet... just looking for someone with a recommendation.

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