CorrectDeck CX aka Duralife Siesta - dead??

suzprinceFebruary 13, 2012

So .... I spent all weekend on this forum trying to work out what the best composite deck was and concluded Correctdeck - which I worked out was sold to GAF who renamed it Duralife Siesta.

We called GAF today to find a dealer and they told us they closed the business down on Dec 31 :(

Any one know if someone else has bought it or is really dead and gone???

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If they closed it down it was for a reason, move on to another brand!

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I looked at both CorrectDeck CX and TimberTech XLM when I was building my deck. They were very similar - so you may want to try the latter.

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We used CorrectDeck about ten years ago, and I like it. But recently, I've seen some really nice looking composite decks. They look much more like real wood.

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DuraLife Siesta is alive and well! The original owners of CorrectDeck CX have bought back the product line from GAF, and will continue to produce the product under the name DuraLife Siesta. Operations and prodution are up and running and this great product is back in good hands. We are a retailer and have sold this product for many years. I can honestly say that there has been less than a handful of issues. GAF was not suited for this product, and I'm glad the original owners stepped up to the plate.

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I can't find a website .. can you help as we need to find a supplier - we are building in Tennessee, but currently live in SC

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We're also looking to purchase this product. If the manufacturer is back in business, they're hiding it website, no contact info, nothing. Any help here?

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I came upon this old thread while searching for info on Duralife/CorrectDeck. The original owners bought the company back from GAF and have resumed production under the Duralife brand..

Here is a link that might be useful: Duralife

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I just contacted DuraLife because I have a question about cleaning CorrectDeckCX. A site on LinkedIn redirected me to the DuraLife website. When I reached a rep, I asked why the site had redirected and she said that GAF had purchased some CorrectDeck products and then DuraLife had purchased GAF. She said that DuraLife had no information about CorrectDeck or how it was manufactured. If what you say is true, phatcat, the DuraLife rep was lying to me.

We have been happy with our CorrectDeckCX up till now, but we have had a very rainy summer and now there is mold all over the underside of the deck. I'm going to search other posts to see how best to handle it. I would definitely not recommend the DuraLife product though, if the CorrectDeck people are behind it.

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