Best Way to Clean Calcium Deposits off Tile and Grout

concreteholeMarch 28, 2008

We went with a dark tile and grout and over the winter I have had calcium build up under the sheer-decent, spa waterway, and around the water line where it was raised by the rains.

I searched this board and saw white vinegar was suggested several times and I found it worked well on the light calcium build ups but on the heavy white areas it could not cut through.

I am wondering what the pros use to clean tile and grout? I heard something about vinegar and salt mixture but I have no idea. There are commerical products like CLR. Also, I don't want to scratch so do I use a soft sponge or something with a little rougher surface such as the back of a scotch-brite sponge.

I am hoping someone out there has the magic solution!

Thanks for any replies and everyone have a great pool season!

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You need to be extremely careful, but you can dilute a small amount of muratic acid and water. We have a dark tile and grout and I have a small amount of calcium build up. When I have to add acid, I reserve a small amount and apply it with a tooth brush...then IMMEDIATELY rinse it off with pool water. I only let it sit on the grout for seconds. But it works. Be careful of your eyes and skin!!!

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The only way to clean off the calcium deposits is to hire a company that does glass bead blasting. The glass beads are under air pressure and they literally blast off the calcium and leave the tile untouched. A couple of years ago I was quoted $3.00 a linear foot for cleaning.

Cliff s

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The glass bead blasting is terrific. However, the cost in my area is prohibitive so ... I bought my own small unit that works with my existing air compressor. For a total of $145 I can now do it myself.

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Rack Etear

Bead blasting also makes a huge mess.

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I did blasting for awhile and it's really not too expensive for the finished product. It is very messy but if done by a reputable company, it looks great. Try to find a TileSavers franchise in your area. They are decent.

Some have now gone to an epsom salt process that does absolutely no damage to the tile which is common for beads and it's only slightly more expensive.

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