Mansfield Toilet Valve?

yogacatNovember 5, 2010

My rather old toilet was continuing to run when flushed. I thought the fix was easy. The previous owner used a paperclip instead of a chain with the trip level. Upon closer inspection, it's more complicated. I've never seen innards like these. The toilet doesn't have a normal flapper. It has a completely different kind of assembly that appears to the be a Mansfield toilet valve with a horn and bell. When the horn and bell are lifted, even with a chain instead of the balky paperclip, the mechanism doesn't drop back into place as it should after the water flows into the bowl. Is there some way to fix this? If not do I need to head off to the plumbing supply shop to find obscure fittings and have fun learning how to replace them or can I tear out this stuff and replace it with the common flapper type of assembly?

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Post a picture of the valve.

It sounds like an old vertical ball type system.

Check to see if the guides for the wire holding the ball are clean and smooth, and it the wire attached to the ball is also clean,smooth, & straight.

If worse comes to worse you could just replace the whole thing (requires tank removal though).

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It's definitely not the old vertical ball system. I've repaired those before.

I've attached a link to a sketch of the Mansfield toilet valve. I can't find anything that's binding, so I suspect that a fine layer of mineral deposits is making the valve sticky. I'll just replace the puppy and be done with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sketch of a Mansfield toilet valve

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