Refinishing Pool - A Quick Question

ladoladiMarch 2, 2011

We have gotten a few quotes to refinish our pool. How long should this process take? One quote we received was for a full week, another quote said the job would be completed in 3 days. This quote was slightly cheaper, but I am concerned that they aren't "doing it right." They want 1 day to drain the pool, one day to prep it, and on the 3rd day they will spray it with the new surface and fill it with water the same day. Does this sound right?

If it makes a difference, we live in Florida and it is getting HOT!

Thanks in advance.

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3 days might be a little bit too fast. The full week may be more realistic, but it depends on how many guys they throw at it.

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We are refinishing our pool right now. Quotes we got were all in the 4-7 day range. They started yesterday and stripped the old tile, prepped the old plaster and put the new water line tiles on. Waiting for the plaster to be done (Sun Stone Pearl "Aqua Blue"). We also are adding a heater,replacing the pool light and updating the old mechanical timer to an electronic/freeze protection timer, so it will add a little time but we are expecting it to be completed by end of next week.

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