Patio/pool decking

happyncoolFebruary 1, 2012


We have a pool with travertine deck around it. We are starting to do our landscaping and as part of it would like to get the patio covered with either travertine or marbella shell pavers. We are leaning towards Marbella since it doesnt get too hot (I live in AZ). There will also be a walkway from the patio to the pool deck. We are wondering how the transitions will look, from the marbella patio and the walkway to the travertine deck. Options we are looking at is doing the patio in marbella, walkway in a checkered pattern of marbella and travertine, so it meets the travertine deck with some common feature. If not, we are looking for other suggestions, or would you recommend just staying with travertine all the way through. The side yard is going to have a concrete paver walkway which also meets the travertine decking of the pool. I'd appreciate your suggestion to help with our decision.


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