Hot tub tied to home boiler question

rterra1March 21, 2012

Hi there,�

I am putting together a hot tub kit that I planned on heating with my home's boiler system treating the tub as a zone and using a heat exchanger. I am trying to find the best way to regulate the tubs temperature and heating times. Basically I guess I need a dry well in the tub for a sensor and some sort of logic board that can handle the set points and timer. I have a free zone in my heating system and a circ pump for the boiler side of the heat exchanger. I think all I need to do is tell the boiler system to come on as needed along with the tubs pump low speed. Might I need a relay as well from the controllers low voltage output to the pumps low speed wiring. Can any one recomend a tub side controller to do what I hope to achieve. It seems fairly simple.



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