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aliris19March 22, 2012

Hi yall -- I haven't been reading here so it could be everyone's well informed about this: apologies if so. If not, know that Lee Valley is having one of their free shipping periods until Mar26 2012.

Even with free shipping that polyprop door mat is still pricey. Grump. But many have used many of their implements in the kitchen to high acclaim.

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Thank you! I was screwing up the courage to tell DH that I have yet another project for him--LV drawer organizer system. Free shipping might make the pill easier to swallow for the world's biggest male procrastinator.

Side note: have you seen the Appliances thread asking if the CC simmer issue is resolved?

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With purchases over $40, shipping is free through March 25. I ordered the drawer divider thingies during the last free shipping, but DH has yet to even examine the packages to see what's need to put them in. As he is the world's best procrastinator, I figure it will be sometime in 2015 before he installs them though.

See the thread below for a past discussion on LV goodies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lee Valley goodies

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Today is the last day for free shipping on Lee Valley orders over $40. I know I will love their drawer dividers if I can ever get DH to install them. :)

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