pump slowly losing prime

sjpoolownerMarch 14, 2012


I have an in-ground pool with IntelliFlo VS-3050 pump. A few weeks back, I noticed that one of the returns was shooting water weaker than before and couldn't feel any water coming out from the other return. And when I checked the pump basket, the water level was very low. It was below the suction pipe and I could see water coming into the basket. The pump was still pumping the water, although weakly, so I guess technically it didn't completely lose the prime.

So I tried to re-prime the pump. After several attempts, I could fill the basket like 90-95% and there were air pockets on top. (Don't know why, but I had to try several times and rev up the pump up to 3000rpm to achieve that).

A few days later, I noticed that the water level went down again. I've been checking the web and asked around and I was told to clean up the o-ring (of the pump basket) and the surfaces it contacts. I did that three days ago. The water level is like 90% now but I noticed that it went down a little bit and it still looks like air is still coming in from somewhere.

Before suspecting air leaks in other areas, I'd like to rule out the pump lid/o-ring first. During the last re-prime, I didn't put any lube to the o-ring as the user manual says not to do that because the original o-ring contains a permanent internal lubricant. But would you actually recommend putting something to make sure no leaks there? I have lithium general purpose lube. Will that work? Or should I put anything special?


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I forgot to mention that I see bubbles coming out of the return when the water level in the pump basket is low.

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Change the O-Ring and tighten the pump plugs.

If the leak continues, it is likely the PVC male adapter to pump housing connection in the front of the pump that needs attention.


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Get you some Magic lube from your pool store and lube the lid gasket with it. This product can be used on any gasket on your pool equipment. As Scott said if you rule out the gasket check the connections before the pump by taking a water hose with a slow stream of water over each connection with the pump running.When the pump primes up you have found your leak/air gap.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magic Lube

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